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i don't think i am able to write for a momentbecause like many others around me it's as if part of me has been taken away with you you who left us so soon, too soon i put a plastered of the most courageous smile on a face that hides thousand of shattered feelings i put on the best resistance bullet shield armour  on a chest that was poked with holes of hollow i played the best firm walk and stand actions on these both two feet of still unknowingly known what's gonna be of her tomorrow? what's gonna be of his tomorrow? what's gonna be of ours tomorrow?
life as it is a simple-single-fragile thread choose wisely act kindly love honestly help effortlessly  embrace one another  because we don't know what's coming of our tomorrow.
in loving memory of my beautiful strong grandparents arwah nek undun of ayah's side (2016) arwah nek aki and arwah nek puan of ibu's side (2018&2020)
let us all send prayers to those who left us for the tr…

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